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  • Derrick Van Veghten House posted an announcement
    Richard...•• A Professor of Anthropology at Monmouth University.•••The Raritan Valley••Story Time••Heading up the staircase of the old colonial home in New Jersey is an individual by the name of Richard.•It’s Sunday and it’s about 3:20 in the afternoon.•Richard who is known by some, as Doctor Veit, just concluded his presentation at The Van Veghten House and is finishing with the after talk guests who have decided they need to shake the mans hand who took his time to deliver the insightful presentation.•On this day, at the end of May, that is still deciding if it wants to let go of it’s supply of rain laying on the edges of the dark grey clouds or continue to play with the nervous residents of The Raritan Valley. •Richard is able to finally get his private tour of one of the oldest homes in the state.•Beginning the tour though, a moment is discovered that needs to be captured.•Working his magic, a few shots are taken by Erik the photographer who has graced the residence with his prese ...
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