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School of Rock | Conversations episode 1 | Jack Frost

Walk down the streets of Somerville New Jersey with what I would call a walking legend.

Jack Frost, from The School of Rock on 1 West Main Street, manages and directs the multi floor facility that delivers a unique experience for learning music. Jack with 53 albums to his credit and having shared the stage with the whos who of rock and roll and a long list of well know artist throughout the years provides his view on why the School or Rock in Somerville New Jersey is an amazing experience.

Music by Jack Frost : Album Frost Out in the Cold


jack 14

Points of Interest Introduction :
Start How Jack got into the school of Rock: :54 seconds
About getting into Teaching Music 2:05
OUT TAKE 3:14 - Edit "My Arm is Tired" - Will Edit Out
First Experience with Music: 3:18
Jack does your guitar have dust on it? NO 5:22
Starbucks Run: 6:45
Whats a Jack a doodle 7:00
What is the School of Rock? 7:45
Where did Jack practice when he was a kid? 11:15
Dog Barking 12:22 - commend if anyone really reads these notes
Why Somerville? 13:45
Enter School of Rock 14:40
Meet the Staff 15:05
Tour by Jack 15:22
Student Singer Hitting the Notes 17:24
Digital Music 19:02
Play it Real 20:35
Cool Records: 22:10
Growing up Jersey City 22:46
Wrap up 23:45 


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