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There's a few certain words that I always enjoyed hearing and summer is one of them.  Summer has such a feeling about it, the vacation, the longer days, the better body, the top down, the windows open, the sweet child of mine.  The first day of summer (today) is what the solstice is, or "mid summer" is.  I recall a mid summers nights dream and and reminds me of childhood memories (#2), Now and then (#3), I remember how long summer seemed, how free, how optimistic, how awesome and seemingly only concerned with what 100 degrees outside could possibly feel like. 

My mind has never changed with that same feeling, however hidden or tucked away, its always redeemable with a nice plunge in to a semi cold ocean, under a threatening large wave, where you dive under come out on the other side staring at the bright blue sky (#4). 

The sun rises to it highest altitude, as with the rest of the population and away to that special place (#5).  For summer it just not only a state of mind but a place, a place that takes me away (#6), away or home I can sort it out either way, but for the moment somewhere else.

That little crisp from the sun, some sand on the way in, the hint of lotion, and an early after noon buzz may easily tell the tale of a quick summer, the days are long and the nights cool and calm, well calmer then you are.||

If it were 6:45 I'd have a long sleeve just in case, I probably haven't looked at the clock since 1:30ish....I can smell the fire fueling from the warm breeze smoking up an ever changing direction that I'd probably break down and cry #(7) from.

Summer nights had me a blast. 

Conversations | Whats your summer story?

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