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A unique interview designed exclusively for the community of Somerville New Jersey. We understand the importance of building strong community connections and promoting local talent, which is why we offer this platform to showcase the remarkable individuals who make our town special.

  • Jack Frost | School of Rock

    Jack with 53 albums to his credit and having shared the stage with the whos who of rock and roll and a long list of well know artist throughout the years provides his view on why the School or Rock in Somerville New Jersey is an amazing experience.
  • Brian Vadim | Refuse to Walk the Line

    His work includes the musical plays, "Mary Howling Queen of the Crazy Ones", "Roosters" the book and screenplay, "The Tinkermans", a children's book and the film, "The Rescue of Plastic Girl" and "Sustainable Life with Unlimited Transformations"
  • Join Busse

    Join Busse and crew in Somerville New Jersey for a practice session and a few words on Busse music.

    A little more on his style, influences, and guitars.
  • Lindsay | Larspur Botanicals

    A casual conversation as the finishing touches are put on the Giardina Walk in Somerville New Jersey. Lindsey's outstanding talent mix of carpentry, woodworking, and floristry come to life in the updated display.

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