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Mainly Gadgets in Somerville New Jersey

By Mainly Gadgets in General 1764 views 13th Jun, 2018 Video Duration: 00:00:59   59 W Main St, Somerville, NJ 08876, USA
Gadgets of all kinds, walk in and look around, you'll be leaving with something for sure.


59 W Main St (7.45 mi)
Somerville, New Jersey 08876

Somerville cover is created to help promote, create, and collaborate local community digital content and media from the local talented, entrepreneurial, and enthusiastic community of Somerville, NJ and surrounding areas.


Somerville NJ is located in Somerset County, New Jersey within a section of Bridgewater Township. An original settlement, primarily by the Dutch, grew from 1754 in and around the area of the church and Old Dutch Parsonage house. Today Somerville is a great town to be in and around with the development of Main Street and Division Street as local attractions the streets of Somerville are happening every day of the year.

Walking around the town you can find, what almost feels like every day, new businesses, shops, and restaurants moving in and opening up shop. In the summer time events are around every corner with every Friday night bringing the cruise night into town where you can find thousands of car and auto enthusiasts walking up and down main street browsing the display of cars that line up Main Street.

If you are interested in the town and the great attractions that exist, check back with Somerville Cover for coverage of all the recent development in and around Somerville, NJ.

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