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Somerville NJ Interview Episode 1 | Jack Frost | School of Rock


Walk down the streets of Somerville New Jersey with what I would call a walking legend.

Jack Frost, from The School of Rock on 1 West Main Street, manages and directs the multi floor facility that delivers a unique experience for learning music.

Jack with 53 albums to his credit and having shared the stage with the whos who of rock and roll and a long list of well know artist throughout the years provides his view on why the School or Rock in Somerville New Jersey is an amazing experience.

Music by Jack Frost : Album Frost Out in the Cold

Points of Interest
Introduction : Start
How Jack got into the school of Rock: :54 seconds
About getting into Teaching Music 2:05
OUT TAKE 3:14 - Edit "My Arm is Tired" - Will Edit Out
First Experience with Music: 3:18
Jack does your guitar have dust on it? NO 5:22
Starbucks Run: 6:45
Whats a Jack a doodle 7:00
What is the School of Rock? 7:45
Where did Jack practice when he was a kid? 11:15
Dog Barking 12:22 - commend if anyone really reads these notes
Why Somerville? 13:45
Enter School of Rock 14:40
Meet the Staff 15:05
Tour by Jack 15:22
Student Singer Hitting the Notes 17:24
Digital Music 19:02
Play it Real 20:35
Cool Records: 22:10
Growing up Jersey City 22:46
Wrap up 23:45

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Somerville NJ Interview Episode 2 | Skinny From the 9 

Skinnyfromthe9 NJ

Skinnyfromthe9 talks about growing up in Somerville New Jersey, New projects, and his perspective.

Skinny Rolls up 0:20
Hometown of Somerville New Jersey 0:34
Passion for Music 0:50
Growing up in Somerville 1:09
Writing music 1:35
Childhood 1:51
Around town 2:33
Skinnyfromthe9 2:49
Music success 2:59
Legal matters 3:10
Believe in yourself 4:11
Making songs 4:44
Social media 5:04
Sitting at home 5:29
Track pops off 5:58
Where to hear 6:15
New Projects 6:27
About Somerville 6:51

Tracks in video
Sell My Soul


Additional Interviews
Karen Civil
Vlad TV

“It’s an Evil World”

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Somerville NJ Interview  Episode 3 | Brian Vadim 

Brian Vadim Somerville NJ

Listen in on the conversation with Brian "Vadim" Vadimsky

From Somerville, New Jersey Brian talks about his comprehensive life as a musician, actor, author, filmmaker, stand-up, "Refuse to Walk the Line" and Member of the Dramatist Guild of America Inc.

His work includes the musical plays, "Mary Howling Queen of the Crazy Ones", "Roosters" the book and screenplay, "The Tinkermans", a children's book and the film, "The Rescue of Plastic Girl" and "Sustainable Life with Unlimited Transformations"

Brian "Vadim" Vadimsky 0:21
A musician for an entire life 0:44
Acting and somethings to do 1:15
Somerville New Jersey 2:11
Age Seven 2:32
Beetle Mania 3:11
Guitar Player 3:39
Systur Carol 4:09
Being in a Band 5:15
What would you tell your younger self 6:28
Affordable Film 7:48
The Rescue of Plastic Girl 8:48
Makes something you can right now 9:39
Writing a book 10:28
On television now 11:51
Creating original content 12:13
90s Rock band in NYC 13:00
Being on as a performer 14:33
What has Brians attention now 16:29
Do what you want from your gut 17:46
Acting, First set scene 18:30
Refuse to Walk the Line 19:35
Being like everyone else? 20:08
Comfortable with Drive 22:00
From Book to Script 22:45
Cannes 23:58
Brians Father 24:45
Support System 25:15

IMDB Information


From early in his career, trying to make a difference with his music was a main theme, for example, benefits for "Missing and Exploited Children", "The ARC", to being a part of the original "Project Graduation".

Later he widened his repertoire to theater and film, exploring the hypocrisies of the political environment, focusing on Healthcare in the film "The Rescue of Plastic Girl", to the trials and tribulations of the youth in the musical play, "Mary Howling, Queen of the Crazy Ones". Web series story about love and organ harvesting, "Sustainable Life With Unlimited Transformations".

Sustainable Life With Unlimited Transformations Latest Episode

Song "Goddaughter" available via Amazon

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Somerville NJ Interview  Episode 4 | John Busse 

john busse

Join Busse and crew in Somerville New Jersey for a practice session and a few words on Busse music.

Intro: 0:00
Practice Session 0:09
Website Content 0:34
Guitars 1:34
First Show 3:28
Style of Music 4:29
Influences 6:23
Bernero Entrance 7:31


More about Busse at

Also found on


Sound Cloud




Somerville NJ Interview  Episode 4 | Lindsay from Larspur Botanicals


Conversation Series continues this weekend with Lindsey, owner of Larkspur Botanicals.


A casual conversation as the finishing touches are put on the Giardina Walk in Somerville New Jersey. Lindsey's outstanding talent mix of carpentry, woodworking, and floristry come to life in the updated display. Follow her on Instagram at: 


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